Disk Lights – Outdoor Lighting

Disk Lights – Outdoor Lighting

September 7, 2019 0 By Sabrina Fair

We are always trying to find the perfect lights to light up the area or ground around or RV while we are out camping. We have tried string lights, rope lights, led rope lights. You name it. We’ve looked for it, we’ve bought it, we’ve tried it. 

But finally we found the perfect lights for us while camping. They’re simply called “Disk Lights” and we bought them from Amazon.

At first we tried the “As Seen on TV” disc lights by Bell and Howell. We thought “Hey, that’s a pretty good idea”. But as we experimented with them, we found they weren’t that great after all. 

The Bell and Howell lights come in only one color (white). The lights point straight up and they’re not waterproof. Plus the batteries don't last as long or the lights quit working because they get wet.

So, we went looking again to find a better replacement. This time we hit the internet. And what we found, we really love.  🙂

Disk Lights

The lights are called “Disk Lights” and are sold by LED Light Shop on Amazon. They're mainly intended to light up your backyard but we like to use them for camping.

The lights are multi colored with white, red, green and blue. You can display one single color at a time or switch the lighting mode to have each color fade in and out. Changing the lights is done by tapping the top of the light with your foot or pick it up and tap it on the ground. It’s that simple.

Disk Lights

What we like about these lights is that they're solar with rechargeable batteries. After a full day in the sun, they last long into the night. Sometimes until 4 am. If left in the shade all day, the lights will work but won't last as long so make sure they have plenty of sun. 

Instead of the lights pointing straight into the air, they are positioned outwards so they light up the ground around your RV. This is a plus for us as they give off enough light to help us see around our campsite without being annoying.

They’re also waterproof. It often rains where we’re camping and the last thing we want to to worry about is the lights not working because they get a little wet.

What’s the Price?

They’re $22.99 plus tax for 2 lights on Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime you can get free shipping. Some may think that’s a little pricey but they’re well worth the spend.

Disk lights for RV Camping

We have 12 of them and love putting them around our RV. Plus we have received a lot of compliments on them and others really like them.

So, if you are interested in getting some of these lights for your RV camping or even your backyard, here is the link. No we’re not receiving a commission. We just really like these lights so we wanted to share. Hope you enjoy!! 🙂

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