Lake Livingston State Park

Lake Livingston State Park

November 29, 2019 0 By Sabrina Fair

JJ and I found a jewel in Lake Livingston State Park. Located in the Piney Woods region of Texas and just northeast of Houston this park offers a great camping experience for all ages. 

Now that we are empty nesters, we find we can take week long vacations anytime during the year. This time we decided to take a trip in October. In Texas, the weather is not too hot and not too cold this time of year which makes our travels more enjoyable.

On this trip, our original plan was to stop at Garner State Park and spend a few nights there then head over to Lake Livingston State Park. But since our starting point is about 550 miles from Lake Livingston, we didn't want to be on the road forever. So, we decided to skip Garner this time and just spend a full week at Lake Livingston.  

And boy are we glad we made that decision. 🙂 We loved Lake Livingston State Park.


Lake Livingston State Park has five camping areas. Those include Red Oak, Piney Shores, Yaupon Loop, Hercules Club Loop and Pine Oak Loop. These areas are all good for camping in a camper whether it be a motor home, fifth wheel, bumper pull, pop-ups or tent camping. Screened shelters are also available to rent if you don’t have a camper.

We camped at Red Oak and Pines Shores on this trip and visited the Yaupon Loop several times. We’ll discuss these camping areas in this post.

All of the sites in these areas have full hookups including 30 and 50 amp electrical hookups, water and sewer. They also have concrete pads which is great for leveling your RV.

If you like trees, then you’re in luck. Each of the camping areas have plenty of trees. As a matter of fact, the whole park has a lot of trees. Hence the Piney Woods. 🙂 That is one of our favorite things about this park.

Red Oak & Piney Shores

Since we changed our plans and decided to spend the whole week at Lake Livingston, we had to book two sites. We originally reserved site 53 for the latter part of the week. When we tried to make a separate reservation for site 53 for the first part of the week, it was already booked so we booked site 51.

Red Oak Site 51

Site 51 is the next to the last site in the Red Oak camping area. It is not on the lake but close to it. There are, of course, a lot of trees in this spot so there is plenty of shade. We almost hated to leave this site because of all the shade we had and the concrete pad was pretty level.

Catch our video below for a better view of this site.

Piney Shores Site 53

Our second site was site 53 which we could see from our first site. Here there is not a lot of shade. There is only one tree near the picnic table on the door side of the RV which I’m sure gets really hot in the summer. However, the view from this site is fantastic. 

It faces west looking out over the water towards Pine Island. We spent our evenings watching the beautiful sunsets. We were concerned about moving to this site because of the lack of shade but we made it work and the sunsets made it all worthwhile.

Yaupon Loop

Yaupon Loop is another great camping area to camp. We did not stay in this area but we ventured through there several times. It is just around the bend from the Piney Shores area and a little further from the lake. 

Here, the sites are much like the Piney Shores and Red Oak camping areas with concrete pads and full hookups. The area is set back in the trees and is very quiet. We are definitely thinking about camping camp here next time we come back.

Yaupon Loop

Screened Shelters

If you don’t have a camper or a tent, you can rent screened shelters at Lake Livingston State Park. This is a nice camping area right on the lake and there are plenty to choose from. 

There is water and electricity as well as a fire ring and a picnic table available at all of the screened shelters.

Screened Shelters

Things to Do

Lake Livingston is not far from the Houston area where there is a lot of shopping and entertainment. Or, you could also take a trip down to Galveston for the day to explore the Gulf of Mexico. That is always a fun trip. But rather than go outside the park, there is so much more to do inside the park.

The Boardwalk

If you’re a nature seeker, there is a one mile boardwalk that ventures out into the woods that allows you to experience all kinds of nature. There is also a bird blind and a frog pond for you to enjoy along the way. 


Hiking and Biking

There are a few trails in the woods for hiking and biking including the boardwalk. Trail maps are available at the office to help you map out your route.


The state park has really good swimming area in the lake. It is set back in a cove like area where the water remains pretty smooth. It is surrounded by the wall used for the walkway along the state park grounds. The water can be pretty deep in the swimming area so use life jackets when needed.


If you like getting out on the water but don’t have a boat, you can rent kayaks at the state park. Or, bring your own for full summer fun.



If you like to fish, then you will love this park. There are all kinds of places to fish. There are several fishing piers as well as a walkway along the lake that is great for fishing. The little store inside the park has bait and tackle you can buy if you need it.


Lake Livingston is a huge lake and the state park provides the equipment you need to launch your boat. There are several boat ramps and boat docks on site to help make your day (or week) at the lake more enjoyable and fun.

Boat Dock & Fishing Pier


JJ and I loved this park. I think what we love most is all the trees. We’re from West Texas so getting to spend time in an area where there are lots of trees is a treat for us. Aside from that, this park is just a fun park to go to. There is so much to do to keep you busy. The park is well maintained and the staff is very friendly. 

If you’re in need of cell phone service there is plenty here. There is no need for a cell phone booster. As far as WiFi, we used our phones as a personal hotspot when needed.

All in all, we really enjoyed our stay here at Lake Livingston State Park and we will definitely be back.

We give Lake Livingston State Park a 5 out of 5. Feel free to leave your review in the comments section below.

Happy Camping 🙂 



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